My Word Will Never Pass Away

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but My Words will never pass away.”

A Pastor’s Prayer

God’s Word is final! God’s Word is everlasting! What a wonderful promise! What a tremendous gift! How soothing these words are to the heart, soul, and mind.

Where can the respect for God’s Word be found? Where can the respect for God’s Word be witnessed? God’s Word and only His Word is everlasting so where is the oratory, where is the effect of its counsel? Why as Christians do we spend countless hours trying to preserve everything that is going to perish and leave the Word to itself? When Satan shouts through man that God’s Word is ancient, outdated and irrelevant for today’s culture, and that Jesus said He came to put and end to the Old Testament Law, where, I ask is the man God is shouting through saying, I didn’t come to put and end to the Law, I Am the end of the Law, the fulfillment, the culmination of the Law!! I AM the One who lived the Law perfectly. “Not one jot or a tittle shall pass away from this Law.”

Where is a “Paul” to remind us through the Word that the Law is not made for righteous men but for those who are lawless? Where can God’s servant be heard saying, God’s moral law hasn’t changed because God hasn’t changed! Whatever is right has always been right and whatever is wrong has always been wrong! Morality doesn’t change because God doesn’t change! How do we speak to a “religious” culture that has fallen away from the precepts of Your Word? How do we confront the beast that is slowly putting the world asleep?

Satan has men boldly shouting abominations from the pulpit while others, supposedly God’s men, are running for cover; both have innocent blood on their hands! God, where is David to slew the giant? The giant is shouting out abominations to you Father; where can another like David be found to kill this blasphemy? Help us discover Your Word, plant it in our hearts, proclaim it, and boldly apply it in our lives!

Jesus, Advent reminds us that you are coming soon; your Word reminds us that you never left. It is my prayer that in your return you will find us about Father’s business, safe in His Word eternal. Come Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace!!!


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