In Spirit and In Truth

Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. God is spirit and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.”

Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

Christ spoke with the woman at the well about true worshipers worshiping in Spirit and in Truth. What do you suppose he meant by this? What might this “worshiper” and way of worship look like?

  1. A) Worship is spiritual.

Worship in Spirit and in Truth transcends the physical realm, natural man, and involves God’s Spirit testifying to the spirit of born-again believers. The spiritual man worships God, not the natural man. The flesh wars with God but the spirit within man, who abides in Christ, submits to God’s glory and holiness with praise and service.

The woman that Jesus spoke with associated worship with a particular place, (this mountain) very much in the same way people today associate worship with just attending church (this building).  But the worship Jesus spoke of was that which happens continually by the way believers submit to God’s direction and advice on everything they say and do. This is true worship in spirit and in truth. It is heartfelt worship, not just lip service or hypocritical religious ceremony.

  1. B) Worship in Spirit and in Truth is worship that is God-centered not self-centered.

Self-centered worship constantly expects things from God. Self-centered worship demands attention is placed upon it rather than upon God. Self-centered worship gathers when it wants to, where it wants to, and how it wants to.

God-centered worship is continual, without division or separation and those who worship in this manner are united together with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit once and forever. God-centered worship is timeless; it is God’s time with the believer not the believer’s time with Him. God-centered worship promotes obedience to God and is shared corporately with all those that God has added daily to His church.

  1. C) One who worships in spirit and truth adheres to the authority of the Holy Scriptures.

The life of one who worships in this manner is always in obedience and submission to the full council of Scripture and not just parceled precepts. This believer, washed by the blood of Christ, holds the Bible gently as if holding the Christ child Himself, kneels in humbleness and eagerness before it as if prostrating at the altar of Christ,  receives and responds in fear knowing this divine revelation is of God. One who worships in Spirit and in truth has the Living Word dwelling within.

To worship in spirit and in truth is to obediently be led by the Spirit of God that dwells within, allowing its fruit to flow outward to others. This worship Jesus speaks of is a worship that is produced and shared by the redeemed and restored believer in Jesus Christ. The true worshiper in spirit and truth has died to themselves and allowed Christ to live within their heart.


Pastor, Jim

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