Divine Direction



“If you take the left, then I will go to the right; if you go to the right, then I will go to the left.”

(Genesis 13:5-9)

       When you begin a life of faith in God, amazing and wonderful opportunities will open up for you. As choices present themselves to you, things you deserve, a faith in God will allow you to waive your own rights to choose and let God make the choices for you.

In times of testing and trials, one soon finds after making their own choice they’ve compromised their situation and it would have been the best choice to wait for God’s guidance. By allowing free will, God uses these moments of testing to discipline our natural selves and transform us into a spiritual being by learning to trust and follow His voice. 

Whenever our lives are being guided by our own rights the gift of spiritual guidance is abandoned. Sin is not the greatest enemy of faith in God, rather, it’s the choices we make apart from Him; your choice is the enemy of His choice.

Many of us fail to mature spiritually because we continue to trust in ourselves instead of trusting fully in God to guide us. We fall for others’ path to success, trying to discover what brought happiness to their lives and think if we can do what they did we will find ultimate contentment as well. What we’re doing is making choices based on other people’s decisions instead of listening to God, and the result is a life of loneliness and immature faith.

When given the choice of going either left or right, the matter of deciding which direction is the best is not up to us, walking with God and knowing any direction He chooses is correct is what will define our complete faith in Him.

Christ’s peace,

Pastor, Jim

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