His Glorious Appearance

Jesus took with Him Peter and James and John, and brought them up on a high mountain by themselves. And He was transfigured before them;   (Mark 9:2)

Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus!

          Why just these three, Peter, James, and John? Why weren’t there more disciples accompanying Jesus up the mountain? Were they not invited or did they have other pressing issues to attend to? Perhaps, though invited, the majority save these three were content just to watch and worship Jesus from a distance and chose not to climb the mountain for fear of danger, hardship, and a waste of time.

          Brethren, throughout the Gospel we see Jesus calling and inviting people to follow Him. It is not a question of are we invited to follow but rather when He invites are we willing to follow. Do we have time, do we have the desire, and do we have the determination to follow Jesus anywhere at anytime? Peter, James, and John did. They couldn’t get enough of Christ. In fact when Jesus would go off to be alone they would search frantically until they found Him. They wanted to be close to Jesus and He knew it. Regardless of danger, fatigue, or even death these three disciples were determined to follow Christ anywhere and today, up the mountain.

          How is your relationship with Christ? Are you diligently following His path? Have you taken up your cross? Have you laid your life aside, your ambitions, your goals and dreams to take on the life of Christ and really live or like the majority of Christians, are you content to worship Jesus from afar by sitting quietly in the pew, listening half-heartedly to the word, and lifelessly singing to God the hymns of grace?

          Peter, James, and John got to see an image of Jesus few will see on this earth. They saw Him in His glory, our Christ transfigured! Through eyes of faith and steadfastness these three who willed to follow Christ upward saw His greatness! Down below, at the foot of the hill the multitude waits for Jesus to appear. At the top of the mountain those who chose to follow Christ see His glorious appearance.

          Do you see Christ my beloved or are you waiting for Him to miraculously appear?  In faithful service and earnestness do you not see Him right before you? He is among us and He is in the form of His greatness. Arise! Jesus is calling! He is inviting you, yes you my friends. Fear not that the path may be difficult; our Christ goes before us, His footprints showing us the safety within the surrounding dangers. Patiently He leads us to a glimpse of life eternal. He wants to show you the fruit of your labors and experience true joy now! He wants you to share what you see. Christ has risen! He is Alive! Hear His Word, see His face, enjoy His presence, and run back down the mountain and tell the world what a sight they’re missing!

Christ’s Peace,    

Pastor, Jim

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