The Disciple

“Then Philip went down to the city of Samaria, and preached Christ unto them. (Acts 8:5)

          What is a disciple of Christ? What does a disciple do?  What motivates them into action? A disciple of Christ can only be defined through their action and their motivation is always the same, LOVE. Love for Christ and love for God’s interest in man. Love like this is a gift from God. It is received when we are brought to a place where we are able to receive through Christ, remission for our sins. Through this ultimate gift of salvation with open eyes and hearts we deliberately give our lives to Christ and His love for all men.

Philip in Samaria

          Philip was a Disciple of Christ and this is why he went to Samaria. Men, women and children were being imprisoned and persecuted for their belief in Jesus. In fear they ran for safety wherever it could be found. In faith that Jesus saves, Philip ran after the lost to preach unto them the Gospel of Christ. Knowing how much Jesus loved them and His concern for their eternal future was all the motivation Philip needed to strike out to Samara.

          I remember praying to God over and over about the need to have my purpose in life defined. Jesus’ purpose was clear and defined when He said, “it is finished.” Oh that my purpose could be defined that way Father, it would change how I live. Paul knew his purpose was to bring the Good News to the gentiles. “This one thing I do,” he said. Oh, Father, that my purpose could be defined that way, it would change the way I pursue life. Mary knew her purpose, to bring the Savior into the world. John the Baptist knew his purpose, to prepare the way for the Lord. Oh, Father I prayed, define my purpose so I can get about it!

          Acts 8:5 was one answer to my prayer. It was my answer and perhaps yours as well. One only has to look around the neighborhood and listen for a moment to realize we are in Samaria. Many men, women, and children are living in fear because the same evil that chased Adam and Eve into hiding and scattered the multitudes out of Jerusalem into places like Samaria, continues to prey upon us today. Go to them and share the love of Christ with them; preach the Gospel of Christ unto them, this is our purpose! Christ loves them. Christ loves us all. Christ’s love can rescue us all. What more motivation do we need?

Christ’s peace,     

Pastor, Jim

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